Coperta “Awakened Imagination”

Awakened Imagination

Durata: 1h 18m

"He will never stop the man who can think FROM the end. Nothing can stop him: he creates the means and increases his way out of limitation to ever higher dwellings in the spiritual worlds of God. It does not matter all that He has been or all that He is. All that matters is 'What does he want?""The art of life is to sustain the emotion of realized desire and allow things to come to you, and not run after them or think they will run away." "The individual desiring to improve his outer life must begin by first supporting his inner life, paying attention to the thought-forms that come from the inside out." "It is not necessary to force the results. Allow them to grow naturally, knowing that they are being realized under the guidance of the Spirit." In this extraordinary book you will find the Keys to Conscious Creation, which will open the doors to your deepest and most intimate desires. The Secret of Secrets lies enclosed within each person, ready to be discovered and used toward a full, rich and limitless life.
Pubblicato da: Stargatebook

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